For more than 70 years, Jeep has been the genuine icon of freedom. The Deranged Wrangler is reborn using all this extraordinary experience, with a styling package to perform off -road, but also luxury for a city lifestyle. Connect with everything you’re looking for from the ground up, climb in from a different view, remove the three piece modular hardtop and constantly change your driving experience. Deranged vehicles are built to survive, to be always by your side and drive you to new heights. To thrive, to evolve to live the dream with a Deranged Wrangler your world opens.


We offer brand new pre built vehicles, special editions and the opportunity for you to tailor build over a period of time that suits you. All Wrangler products are available delivered or fitted by our team.

  • Special edition vehicles
  • Exclusive exterior packages
  • luxury tailored interiors
  • Build your own facility
  • Performance power upgrades