Following our previous year’s attendance at The annual Bikeshed show in London, we’ve developed a pretty close relationship with Bikeshed MC. At the time we decided to keep things simple and bring along our Ford Model B Vintage HotRod pickup.

We added the cherry on the icing with our Motoguzzi V7 tracker painted to match. It was an amazing experience, especially being in their Shoreditch venue consisting of Bar & Restaurant, Merchandise shop and even a Barbers!! We were certainly hooked from that point. We’ve attended various 2 wheeled events since including the Gentlemen’s Ride in London.

The relationship has developed quite a bit over time, and this led to us upping the ante. They toyed with idea of a Café Racer Cup last year, which left most wanting more.

So this year they made plans to scale up their event to include much more than anticipated. Nothing could prepare us for what we were about to experience at the Lydden Hill Circuit in Kent.

We knew the size would be significantly larger, so we prepared ourselves and decided to bring our full line-up for display. I’d say this was definitely a success, with the sheer number of vendors, attendees as well as brilliant camping (glamping) accommodations on site.

Oh and I almost forgot the main events/competitions which included the Café Racer Cup of course but they’ve now also added in an off-road scramble circuit.

Its such a good event for bike owners (whether novice or pro) to be able to safely take their bikes out and have a bit of fun, which it seems was the main theme of the show.

There was such comradery amongst bike owners and we met some of the friendliest people at this show. There were even activities for kids, so it was a full on family event.

The icing on the cake for us was to be able to be a sponsor for this event and also being able to use Jason’s Ferrari 458 Speciale as an official Safety Vehicle for the Café Racer Cup.

If you’d like to see further images from the amazing Amy Shore than what we have here, Bikeshed’s gallery can be found on the following link